Why not consider these great Gibraltar-themed wedding invitation ideas?

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Why not consider these great Gibraltar-themed wedding invitation ideas?

Congratulations! You’ve finally decided to host your dream wedding amid the stunning backdrop of Gibraltar’s coast and limestone promontory. Now that your wedding location is settled, you’ve got another challenge on your hands: the wedding invitations. 


Wedding invitations act as the teaser for your special day, providing you with the opportunity to unleash your creativity and entice guests to attend. But what if you’re unsure of how to create the perfect Gibraltar wedding invitation? 


Don’t worry, this is exactly why we’ve curated a list of beautiful wedding invitation ideas for Gibraltar weddings! Let’s dive right in. 


Boarding passes


If your wedding in Gibraltar is a destination wedding, then you should definitely consider a boarding pass design for your wedding invitations. Not only is this a creative way to showcase that it’s a destination wedding, but it’s also a unique format that will surely impress guests. 


We recommend incorporating Gibraltar’s national/flag colours: red, white, and gold. In fact, gold accents can add a touch of luxury to your wedding invitations. A boarding pass format also makes it easy to state the location, date, and time of your ceremony. 




In the same vein as boarding passes, passport wedding invites are one-of-a-kind and simply exude extravagance. Across multiple passport-sized pages, you can creatively outline the date, time, location, dress code, and other important details. 


You might even want to consider adding an extra note or two for special guests such as the bridesmaids, groomsmen, maid of honour, and best man.  


Don’t forget that you also have the chance to include a small but beautiful picture of yourself and your partner (in place of the passport photo). 


The Rock of Gibraltar


The Rock of Gibraltar is, without a doubt, Gibraltar’s most famous attraction. Providing breathtaking views and part of an astounding landscape and rich history, having the Rock of Gibraltar as part of your Gibraltar-themed wedding invitations should be a given. 


How do you do this? Well, one way could be to simply craft your wedding invitations into the shape of the famous ridge! 


The wedding of a lifetime awaits at Gibraltar


We hope the above designs have inspired your Gibraltar wedding invitations, but remember, it’s ultimately your choice as to how to design them!


If you’re interested in creating wonderful memories with friends and family, consider organising a wedding in Gibraltar with Sweet Gibraltar Weddings. 


We’re proven experts when it comes to planning Gibraltar weddings, having helped to make thousands of them a reality since we were established in 2008 – so why not enquire today to learn more about our packages and service?