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The most career-minded people can struggle to take a few days away from work – even when it’s their wedding! This is certainly the case for those who run their own business, are in upper-management roles or just generally have a demanding career. There is, however, no need for this to stop you from getting married abroad. After all, Gibraltar is the ideal location for those who want to tie the knot overseas but still keep one eye on their professional life at the same time. Let’s look at three ways you’ll find this to be the case.


It takes less than three hours on average to travel to Gibraltar from the UK. Most would agree that this is a rather manageable time to be in the air, meaning you could be contactable by phone or email for the most part of the day, despite the flight. In addition, should worst come to worst and you need to cut short the trip early, you can travel back on the very same day that you find out you’re needed.


There is only one hour time difference between the UK and Gibraltar. This is ideal for two reasons. First, the time-zone makes it possible to conduct any sort of business while you’re away. Secondly, you won’t have to fear that jet lag will throw you off balance when you do finally return after saying ‘I do’.


You needn’t have to worry about the wedding plans commanding all your attention in the weeks and months before you get hitched. Instead, you can keep your focus on work while the bulk of the organisation is left in the hands of Sweet Gibraltar Weddings. This way you’ll have hopefully cleared your workload by the time it comes for you to get married in Gibraltar.

It’s almost time!

In an ideal world, you’d just be able to forget about work when you get married – but unfortunately, this isn’t the reality for most people. Rather than allow this to ruin your dreams of getting married overseas, you’ll find that everything can fall into place with the help of Sweet Gibraltar Weddings.