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Gibraltar – the Mediterranean’s stress-free wedding venue

If you’re planning to marry this year and want to cut through the UK’s red tape, consider getting married in stress-free Gibraltar. Gibraltar’s marriage laws allow for weddings to be carried out quickly – within 48 hours!

Marriage laws in the UK

In the UK, marriage laws are different for the four nations of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

In England and Wales, following a recent review by the Law Commission, it’s possible that marriage rules will be relaxed – leading to a wider choice in wedding venues and in who can legally carry out the ceremony. Unfortunately, any changes are not likely to be finalised for at least a couple of years.

Scotland already allows a wider choice of venue, but you will have to give notice of at least 29 days to the Register Office. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, it’s 28 days.

You can get married in Gibraltar with ease

Yet in Gibraltar, you can marry within 48 hours under a special licence. The application can even be made just one day before the wedding. You will need to get affidavits signed in front of officials, but this will all be organised for you while you are here.

There are no residency rules (unlike those in several other countries – including Spain). You just have to show that you will be staying in Gibraltar for at least one night before or after your wedding.

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory where English is spoken, so there will be no problem with language.

The weather in Gibraltar is subtropical

Gibraltar has a subtropical climate, which means winters are mild with sunny periods. Summers are warm but typically remain below 30°C – so are not unbearably hot. There can be rain, of course, but the temperature is practically guaranteed to be mild.

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