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Gibraltar shows that you can enjoy an exotic overseas wedding on a budget!

You know what they say: you don’t get anything for nothing these days. That might be, to some extent, true – especially when it comes to something as notoriously expensive as a wedding.

However, that doesn’t mean all weddings abroad will necessarily be out of your financial reach if you have to be careful with the purse strings.

Getting married in Gibraltar, for instance, could set you back as little as £210. And here are a few more reasons why the British Overseas Territory makes so much financial sense as a wedding destination in Europe…

It’s cheap to get there and back!

With direct flights available from the UK to Gibraltar, only taking about two hours and 50 minutes from London Heathrow, this is one European wedding destination that plenty of your nearest and dearest should be able to afford to fly into for your big day.

Your wedding package can be low-cost, yet fit for a star

A way of tying the knot that literal film and music stars have opted for, and which you could have, too… for so much less than you might think.

We are, of course, referring to getting married at Gibraltar’s Registry Office, which is where the likes of John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Frederick Forsyth chose to formalise their unions with their sweethearts.

While our own Registry Office package here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings is instant, simple and understated, it definitely won’t feel like a mere ‘bargain bin’ way to get married in Gibraltar! Indeed, the package covers all of the separate fees that you would otherwise need to pay, as well as assistance with all of your legal documentation, and photography during the ceremony.

The money-saving will continue beyond your ceremony

It can easily feel sometimes as if Gibraltar was specifically designed for visitors wishing to sample the best of both familiar British pleasures and slightly less familiar Mediterranean ones, without blowing through their budget.

The British Overseas Territory has long been famous for its VAT-free shopping, for example, which will enable all of your wedding attendees – and perhaps you and your beloved – to enjoy a bit of retail therapy for significantly less than UK high-street prices.

Then, there’s the fact that Gibraltar measures a mere 6.7 square kilometres, or 2.6 square miles, which helps to make it one of the most ‘walkable’ overseas wedding destinations.

With such key sights as Saint Michael’s Cave, the Moorish Castle and Gibraltar Botanic Gardens in such close proximity to each other, you might even end up deciding to stay in Gibraltar for a cost-conscious, but seriously rewarding honeymoon!

To learn more about how much appeal getting married in Gibraltar could have for your head and your heart, just drop a message to the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings team today. We will then swiftly get back in touch to advise you on our various wedding packages, and the other ways we could make your destination wedding dream a reality – for less!