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Gibraltar, the perfect location for an autumn wedding

Are you wanting to have an autumn wedding? Are you wishing for a beach wedding, somewhere in the sun? Well, you need to consider the huge benefits of getting married in Gibraltar. You’ll have perfect weather, a choice of stunning locations and a vibrant atmosphere that is simply perfect for your wedding day and honeymoon. Below we explore why a Gibraltar wedding in autumn is perfect for you.

The perfect temperature

One obvious concern when planning any wedding is what the temperature will be. If you have your heart set on an autumn wedding, but want to get married somewhere warm, then Gibraltar really is the ideal destination. It’s on the south tip of the Iberian Peninsula, borders northern Spain and with Morocco just across the Gibraltar Straits, warm weather is always guaranteed. Average temperatures during October are as high as 23 degrees Celsius.

Many venue choices

Gibraltar offers such a diverse range of wedding venues, even in the autumn. There are many stunning hotels with views of the Mediterranean Sea, plus an array of beaches for the wedding ceremony or reception. Also, don’t forget that the peninsula offers you and your guests fabulous views of the rock of Gibraltar and the Gibraltar Straits, no matter what time of year!

Perfect location for stunning photographs

Gibraltar is simply stunning, and every bride and groom will be able to capture gorgeous wedding photographs. Capture the Gibraltar rock on film, stand in St Michael’s cave, or surround yourself with the beauty that is Upper Rock Nature Reserve, where you quite literally feel like you’re at the top of the world.

Don’t forget the stunning sea

If you have your heart set on a wedding by the sea in the autumn months, then Gibraltar really is the ideal location. You have the Mediterranean sea as the backdrop to your wedding reception, lit by coloured lanterns while you dance the night away. You could even choose one of the many sailboats for a romantic wedding cruise.

To learn more about fabulous autumn weddings with Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, then please do get in touch with us today.