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Gibraltar is the best place to say ‘I do’ if you want a wedding fit for Instagram

Instagram currently boasts more than one billion active monthly users. It is, therefore, no surprise that brides and grooms are actually tailoring certain aspects of their wedding towards the social media site. In fact, Hitched has found that one-quarter of couples actually spend additional money to ensure pictures and videos of their big day were worthy of going on Instagram. If you’re tempted to tailor your wedding this way, then why not just tie the knot in Gibraltar? Let’s look at three ways it’s the place to say ‘I do’ if you want a wedding fit for Instagram.


Instagram gained popularity in part because of its wide variety of filters. Luckily, you’ll have a natural filter when you’re getting married in Gibraltar. This is, of cause, down to the stunning weather. Whether it’s the clear blue skies when you say ‘I do’ in the afternoon or the sun setting over the ocean as you enjoy your first stroll as man and wife, it’s unlikely you’ll need a filter when you’ve got the beauty of nature on your side.


Instagram’s story function is essentially a means to give your follows a play-by-play of everything happening during your day. Well, your story will surely be must-see if it features the most unique and amazing sights from Gibraltar. Don’t just think your of wedding day either! Think about the photos of you dining in a cute fish food restaurant the night before getting married, or hiking the Rock of Gibraltar on your first day as newlyweds.


The best part about making your wedding fit for Instagram is that it also makes it more inclusive. With so many people on the social media platform, it’s makes it the perfect place to keep people in the loop about your big day. This will mean that even those people who weren’t invited or couldn’t make the trip will feel like they’re in on the action.

Make it happen!

There’ll plenty of temptation to share pictures and videos on Instagram when you’re getting married in Gibraltar. The place is near perfect and will provide you with some amazing content to share. For help making your big day a reality, get in touch with Sweet Gibraltar Weddings.