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Why Gibraltar is the ideal location for a casual wedding

With weddings becoming more elaborate and more expensive year on year, it can be difficult for the average couple to raise the funds needed to have their dream wedding, complete with the beautiful location and big white dress. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the items involved in the general wedding planning, consider opting for a more casual wedding – one step up from a registry office, but less of a cost than the big white wedding. Here are some ways you can go casual for your wedding day:

Get married abroad

Getting married in abroad like in Gibraltar or another location away from home not only makes your wedding special without the significant cost, it also gives you a convenient excuse to thin out the wedding list a bit; costing you less overall. If your wedding party of family members don’t like the idea, first of all, remember it’s your wedding day (not theirs!). And second, let your invited guests know that their attendance and cost of travel means that you don’t expect wedding gifts, a handy way for them to save money too.

Sale or store-bought

Instead of opting for expensive suits and custom-made gowns, shop online or on the high street instead of stepping foot into debt-inducing bridal boutiques. With the rise of the thrifty wedding, online brands are offering beautiful wedding dresses for less than £100; and if you go non-traditional, you can get a gorgeous outfit for even less. If you’re not fussed on dressing your groomsmen and bridesmaids in matching clothing, let them wear their own clothes and save even more.

Ditch the fancy food

With the rise of the DIY wedding, four-course meals have gone out the window for many couples – opting instead for buffet-style weddings or even food vans to feed everyone on their big day. Not only is this inexpensive, but at a location abroad you can experience the local food available and discover more about the culture of the area with a locally hired band.

Thinking about a wedding abroad? Contact us at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings to discover how we can help you have the perfect wedding for you.