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Gibraltar hotels

Gibraltar Hotels

In our previous blogs we told you a little about where Gibraltar is located and shed light on an interesting historical fact about our international airport.

What you might not know is that Gibraltar makes an excellent holiday destination.

There are plenty of hotels with magnificent views, friendly personnel and prices to fit all budgets.

Here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we work with some of the best hotels on the Rock. From the luxury floating Sunborn hotel to the Caleta Hotel, the Elliotts O’Callaghan and The Rock Hotel. There is a place for everyone and each hotel has its own style and history.

The Sunborn is a 5 star luxury yacht hotel, privately owned by a Finnish company that is docked in Ocean Village. It was inaugurated in April 2015. Because of its location, it’s very close to many restaurants and cafés, in the area, renowned for their international cuisine.

It’s a 5 minute walk from Casemates and the main street in Gibraltar where you’ll find top UK shop brands, pubs, cafes, tax free electronics, cigarettes and alcohol, and plenty of restaurants to choose from.

This luxury yacht is approximately 142 sq. meters and has 189 luxury rooms and suites that have either sea views, rock views or views over the bay. Many of the rooms have their own terrace or a balcony you can relax on.

Among all its facilities, the hotel has its own spa for your pre and post wedding relaxation and pampering, a cocktail lounge, banqueting rooms, conference facilities, a casino, a beautiful sun-deck and a pool that will make you want to take a plunge.

If you choose one of our wedding packages, and want to add a touch of glamour and luxury to your stay, we can happily book the Sunborn hotel on your behalf. If you so wish, we can even organise your wedding reception on board.

With leading restaurants like La Sala, you and your guests will experience the best in cuisine the hotel has to offer, and with outstanding views your wedding photographs, on board this luxury yacht, will truly create a lasting memory that you can treasure forever.

As a side note, if you have a view over the bay, you can even watch the magnificent sight of airplanes coming in to land at Gibraltar’s International airport.

So, why not call us now and ask for more information about wedding packages that include this luxury hotel. We’re happy to answer all your questions and handle your booking.

We’re here for you to make your wedding the best it possibly can be!