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Gibraltar: A home away from home

While Gibraltar may be on the southern coast of Spain, it is a British Overseas Territory whose language is English, currency is the pound, and is ruled by Queen Elizabeth. Thankfully, if you are having a Gibraltar wedding, one key difference is the weather. The average temperature in Gibraltar in November is higher than the average temperature in London in June.

Britain, but not like you know

In a referendum in 2002, over 99% of the population voted that they wanted to remain under British sovereignty. Their residents feel British which makes for a very welcoming experience should you choose to get married there. It is full of British culture including seeing such things as the traditional red post boxes. It’s a wonderful environment for a relaxed wedding, and the perfect break away for you and your family.

The perfect balance

It is a wonderful place to visit and offers the perfect balance between wanting to get away for your wedding, but avoiding the stress that can be caused in most foreign countries. The marriage process is very simple and once your perfect day has been complete, you have the perfect honeymoon destination right on your doorstep.

Gibraltarians see themselves as British, and are proud of their rich culture. You can take the eating and drinking experiences that you enjoy at home, but in a beautiful destination that will be a holiday of a lifetime and a wedding never to forget. Getting married in Europe at other destinations can be very expensive and hard to organise, but getting to Gibraltar is easy and it won’t be difficult for any family members to join you on your amazing day.

Let the sun shine on your big day

It is a home away from home where you can have all the comforts you usually enjoy, but with sunnier days and beautiful beaches. There are some key differences between Gibraltar and mainland Britain, and thankfully one of them is the weather. If you want to find that perfect balance and have your perfect day in a beautiful place with beautiful weather, than there’s nowhere better than Gibraltar.

If you want to make your big day perfect, Sweet Gibraltar Weddings will be delighted to help make your dream wedding a reality. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to talk you through the process.