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Gibraltar facts

Gibraltar Facts For You

By now you should be getting to know more about Gibraltar, its history and a few more of its less known facts. Well here are a few more facts for you:

  • The Romans believed that Gibraltar represented one of the pillars of Hercule’s and they referred to it as Mons Calpe – “The Hollow Mountain”. The other pillar, known as Mons Abyla was thought to be on the African coast. Acording to mythology, Greek and Phoenetian saliors believed the pillars were the gates to the unknown or the point beyond which everything was a mystery. Nowadays, Mons Calpe Suite, at a height of 412 meters on the rock, has become a popular choice for wedding ceremonies. Here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings we’ve devised a wedding package that will make you feel like you’re towering above the world. Our package includes a cable car ride that will add a touch of adventure to your wedding and leave your guests amazed and agape with the stunning views.
  • Gib may only be 6.5 square kilometers and have a population of about 29,000 people but  we are very multicultural.  You will find people with nationalities from all over the world and it is one of the few, very small, places where all religions live in peace and harmony alongside each other. You will also find that Gibraltarians are very proud of their Rock and they’re more than willing to show it off to anyone who visits. They are, also, very friendly people who will help you in any way they can.
  • Another breathtaking feature of Gibraltar, which has become very popular for wedding ceremonies is the Botanical Garden or La Alameda as it’s often referred to. It was commissioned back in 1816 by General George Don who, at the time, was the Governor of Gibraltar. His primary motivation was to create a pleasant place where soldiers would be able to relax from their duties. He also thought that the general Gibraltarian public would benefit too. He was right! The botanical garden has hosted numerous weddings over the years and now, it, even, boasts a theatre that can seat 435 people.

Here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings we have assisted hundreds of couples who have chosen this magnificent location as their dream wedding spot. Please take a look at our Botanical Wedding package to find out more information about how you can get married there too.

With so much to offer, why would you not want to get married in Gibraltar?

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