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Gibraltar days out for your wedding guests

A wedding in Gibraltar is certainly one to remember, with the near promise of good weather and a beautiful backdrop for your photos. But what about the days before and after the wedding? Make sure your guests have plenty to do by suggesting these days out.

St Michael’s Cave

The imposing ‘Rock’ may form the backdrop to your wedding photos, but beneath it lies a wealth of exploration. Suggest your guests take a trip to St Michael’s Cave, a famous part of the rock which boasts formations including stalactites and stalagmites and even features a concert hall where regular performances are played out. Guests can pay a little more for a longer tour that leads to an underground lake, found deep in the cavern.

Ape’s Den

The rock’s most famous inhabitants, the Barbary macaques, will also be trying to steal the limelight on your wedding shots, but you can get closer to them at their most populous location, Ape’s Den. The best way to get here is via cable car. Despite being brought to Gibraltar via Northern Africa, the monkeys have come to represent the Britishness of the Rock.

Gibraltar Museum

This little slice of Mediterranean Britain has a fascinating history that reaches from Neolithic times through Moorish, Spanish and then British rule since the early 18th century. The best place to get to grips with it all is at the Gibraltar Museum located in the Old Town.

Day Trips to Spain

Whilst they’re in the vicinity, your guests may want to make a day trip to Spain too. The historic city of Cadiz is just a one-and-a-half-hour drive (although prepare for a wait at border control getting in and out of Gibraltar). The orange-scented city of Seville is just over two hours away whilst the Western edge of the Costa Del Sol is less than an hour’s drive from Gibraltar.

A Gibraltar wedding is a wonderful thing and you can ensure that with one of our packages you’ll have a day to remember. Make sure your guests have a holiday to remember too, by ensuring they see the highlights of this unique destination.