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Getting married in Gibraltar? Make it eco-friendly

As precious as weddings are, they don’t tend to be the most environmentally friendly events and are accompanied by much waste and plastic packaging. Here are three ways that you can make your Gibraltar wedding magical and eco-friendly:

Say yes to the eco-friendly dress

Wedding dresses are considered to be the most important aspect of the entire day but buying a new dress you will only wear once can have a detrimental environmental impact. For your Gibraltar wedding, why not opt for a pre-loved dress? There are so many stunning dresses to choose from that will still look amazing on you as you walk down the aisle.

If choosing a vintage dress isn’t the decision for you then do the next best thing; donate your dress after it has been worn. It is considered a quirky wedding tradition to ‘trash the dress’ by diving into the ocean for a photo, but consider rethinking this decision and pass on your dress for another bride to love.

Get creative with your name cards

Place cards are a necessity when it comes to wedding dinner etiquette but the small piece of paper that accompany the cards are such a waste. Making sure to use recyclable paper is a start but you can do more for the environment and also provide another creative addition to your ceremony. Why not replace the cards with a personalised edible treat, as it will show guests to their seat and can also double as a unique wedding favour.

Green catering

When it comes to wedding food, there is usually a lot of wastage. But you can reduce your carbon footprint in the catering department by making a few changes to your menu. A fully vegetarian menu is one easy way to do this and you will be pleasantly surprised at how delicious the food can be. If you want to enjoy the Gibraltar sun then your reception might be outside; instead of using plastic cutlery and glasses opt for non-disposable items where possible.

An eco-friendly wedding is easier to achieve than you think! For more information about Gibraltar wedding packages, contact Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, today.