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Getting married abroad: where to start

Do you want to have your wedding abroad? If so, there are a lot of things to consider, perhaps more so than if you were getting married in the UK. If you’re looking to get married in Gibraltar, here are some of our top tips on how to get started.


Remember that planning a wedding abroad should encompass the desires and needs of both of you. So to start, compile a joint scrapbook of possible venues and activities you would like your wedding to entail. If possible, we’d advise visiting Gibraltar to view potential wedding venues in person – while you won’t ever be disappointed, it’s better to know what to expect before your wedding day!


Of course, when you have done all of the groundwork for your special day, the next task is to actually book your wedding. This is where wedding planners come into the process.

If you would like to experience a magical getaway to Gibraltar surrounded by your close friends and family, you may find it easier to look into wedding packages, such as those provided by Sweet Gibraltar Weddings. We can provide you with photography and a fresh bouquet as well as handle all of the admin duties, taking the stress off your shoulders.


After you have decided on the location and venue, you can start to focus on the smaller details, such as your colour scheme and the guests you want to invite. Having a wedding abroad means that you are free to express yourselves – and your chosen country – however you like.

One way you can do this is by changing up the traditions. If you have decided to get married in Gibraltar, take a look at the local cuisine of the Iberian Peninsula. Why not substitute your typical British meal of chicken or beef for the mouthwatering taste of seafood or shellfish, accompanied by a glass of wine? Or, add some Tetilla to a cheese board dessert, the iconic cow’s milk cheese native to the Galician capital.

All that is left to do is pack, which we leave entirely up to you – just remember not to forget the rings!