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There’s certainly something to be said about you and your wedding party all travelling together when you are getting married aboard. There is, however, something to be said about you and your betrothed arriving a few days in advance. This is something to consider as you put the final touches on your big day, especially as you start locking down flights and accommodation for your guests. If you’ve set your heart upon getting married in Gibraltar, here are three reasons why you should think about arriving a few days ahead of your guests.

Find your bearings

It’s only natural that brides and grooms will want to stay fully in control of things before saying ‘I do’. You can do this by finding your bearings in an area, including details about the best bars and restaurants, as well as things like the quickest way to get to the wedding venue. This ultimately means that you’ll be able to manage your guests a little better when they finally join you.

One-on-one time

Why wait until the honeymoon? Even before you tie the knot you and your betrothed will feel like you are on cloud nine as you explore the beautiful sights of Gibraltar. A few days to basks in each other’s company while the sun is shining down is truly a luxury that couples just don’t get when they choose to get hitched in their home country.

Opportunity to climatise

More so than your guests, you and your betrothed need the opportunity to climatise on the run up to your wedding. A few extra days in Gibraltar will allow you the chance to get used the weather, sync with the time difference and truly start to relax ahead of the happiest day of your life.

It’s a plan!

You certainly deserve a few days to yourself before walking down the aisle – especially when your wedding is in the safe hands of Sweet Gibraltar Weddings. If you’re planning to say ‘I do’ in the stunning hot spot and want to make sure that your big day is a roaring success, don’t hesitate to get in touch.