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Getting married abroad? Don’t forget to hire a videographer

The majority of couples wouldn’t dare get married without a photographer in the mix. Now though, a videographer is also becoming a staple addition to any wedding. This is something to think about, especially if you’re considering tying the knot in a hot spot like Gibraltar. This skilled professional can capture footage of every moment of your special day – from getting ready in the morning to your first dance as man and wife. Here are three reasons why a videographer is essential if you’re getting married abroad.


Wedding pictures are always fabulous – but they don’t quite tell the full story. After all, from simply looking at a photograph you can’t hear the emotion in people’s voices when making their vows or the laughter during the best man’s speech. You certainly can’t hear the lyrics from that all-important first dance! Due to this, if you have a videographer you’re just gathering more detailed memories for you to look back on in many years to come.


Aside from your wedding, your guests will also be treated to a sun-filled getaway when attending your special weekend in Gibraltar. A videographer is just another way that they’ll feel relaxed and at ease when you tie the knot. This is because people tend to feel more relaxed when being filmed as opposed to being snapped by a flashing camera, meaning you’re just heightening their enjoyment of your big day. There’s also the fact that they won’t need to get their own phones out to collect footage!


The footage you’ll receive is extremely accessible to the modern world. This is important when you’re getting married aboard, especially if certain people haven’t been able to make the trip and you’ve chosen to make your wedding a more intimate affair. The footage will allow you to give these people a greater glimpse into your wedding rather than leaving them thinking that they missed out completely.

What will you do?

If you’re interested in having a videographer capture your big day, then please know that this is a service that can be provided by Sweet Gibraltar Weddings. For more information on what could be in store for your big day, be sure to get in touch with our team.