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Why get married in Gibraltar?

Of all the places in the world, why should you choose to get married in Gibraltar? What is it about the peninsula that would make for the sweetest, picturesque wedding? And why choose Sweet Gibraltar Weddings to organise your big day?

So why Gibraltar?

Gibraltar is a stunning part of the world and sits in the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, bordering Spain. It is rich with history due to it first being under Moorish control during the Middle Ages followed by the Anglo-Dutch rule in the early 1700s. It later came under solitary British rule in 1713. There are still influences from all of these nations in Gibraltar and with it being amidst the Mediterranean Sea you will find a diverse culture. So not only will it make the perfect place to have your wedding, but it will also make for a fantastic honeymoon.

What makes for a picturesque wedding?

The Rock of Gibraltar dominates the island and is synonymous with the region. However, this is not the only defining feature. The crystal, blue waters that surround Gibraltar make for a serene setting to host your Gibraltar wedding. Due to its Mediterranean climate, the flora and fauna that flourish are stunning, thus allowing them to add a riot of colour to your wedding and making for the perfect backdrop for the gorgeous photos.

It’s easy to get married in Gibraltar too!

The civil marriage between a woman and a man is provided under the Gibraltar Marriage Act. It is possible, under its provisions, for non-residents to marry in Gibraltar without having to comply with any residential requirements. Because of this, ceremonies can take place outside of the registry office, and the only general condition for marriage here is that you must be able to satisfy the Registrar that you are both free to marry.

Why choose Sweet Gibraltar Weddings?

Sweet Gibraltar Weddings are the perfect company to hire to organise your wedding day. Organising a wedding can be a stressful task and if you are going abroad to do it that is an added stressor. Travelling to another country for your wedding can be a logistical headache in itself as you have your guest list to consider, where everyone is going to stay and what you are going to pack. With the expertise of Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, you can be confident in the knowledge that they have it under control.

They have an excellent selection of wedding packages for you to choose from so that you can get the right theme and setting for your special day. Why not have a look at the photo gallery showcasing other weddings in Gibraltar to give you some inspiration? Get online today and let Sweet Gibraltar Weddings make your dream wedding come true.