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Four stunning wedding photography ideas for beach weddings

One of the most important things to take away from your special day is photographs. Wedding photography captures every precious moment and will allow you to re-live it time and time again. With destination weddings, the sparkling sunshine can make for extra special snaps. If you are considering a beach wedding, here are four stunning photography ideas to cherish.

Writing in the sand

When taking photos at the beach, the sand acts as a giant canvas, giving you plenty of space for creativity. You could write the couple’s name’s in the sand, or perhaps the wedding date. You could draw love hearts or trace wedding phrases such as ‘I do’. Whatever you decide, this is a unique way to capture your wedding.

Glittering backdrop

When the sunshine hits the sea you are blessed with a glittering backdrop of bright blue. Who could ask for a better place to pose? You can capture gorgeous shots, where shimmering smiles are magnified by the sparkling sea behind.

Wedding party paddling

Shoes off, it’s time for a paddle! Wedding party photographs are a beautiful way to capture everybody who attends the ceremony, and this photo opportunity is lots of fun. Encourage guests to kick off their shoes, roll up their trousers, and hold up their dresses as you all paddle in the ocean for a breathtaking photo you will cherish forever.

Sunset snaps

As beautiful as when the sun is high in the sky, sunset also makes for stunning photographs. Watch the setting change from beautiful blues to perfect pinks, as the sun dips below the horizon. Wonderful for hand in hand shots, backlit silhouettes and a truly romantic atmosphere. As the sky darkens, you can also bring lamps and lights into the picture, capturing the mood of that all-important day.

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