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It goes without saying that not many couples can just stroll to the beach before saying ‘I do’. However, you’ll be amongst the lucky few who can do so if you choose to get married in Gibraltar. The hotspot boasts a variety of sandy shores for you to venture to, including the popular Catalan Bay and the more secluded Sandy Bay. The pastime isn’t just an enjoyable way to kill some hours before walking down the aisle – it can also go some length to improving your special day. With this in mind, here are four reasons to hit the beach before getting married in Gibraltar.


It’s never too late to soak up some last minute rays before getting hitched. Since Gibraltar is no stranger to the sun, by walking along the beach you can attain a vibrant glow before posing for those all-important wedding pictures later in the day.


It’s a shame that brides and grooms don’t always get a chance to take it all in before saying ‘I do’ because it can be extremely therapeutic. Just think how euphoric it would be to reflect on how lucky you and your betrothed are while strolling along the sandy shores of Gibraltar.


A quick dip in the ocean or a leisurely run along the beach can be the perfect amount of exercise before tying the knot. It won’t leave you feeling achy or fatigued, but it will release endorphins on what’s already set to be the happiest day of your life.


The tranquil sound of the ocean splashing against the shore can’t be beaten when it comes to helping a person relax. On your big day – which can become a little stressful for even the most chilled out brides and grooms – you can de-stress with just a short walk to one of the many beaches in Gibraltar.

Try it!

The beach will be calling your name when you touch down for your wedding – so be sure to answer! If you’re ready to enjoy this amazing perk – as well as many others – that come from getting hitched in Gibraltar, be sure to check out Sweet Gibraltar Weddings.