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Four places to take wedding photos in Gibraltar

If you’ve made the decision to have your wedding in Gibraltar, then there are plenty of options open to you when it comes to getting those perfect wedding day photos. Luckily, with Gibraltar being so small and easy to navigate, you will be able to head to any of the locations mentioned here, regardless of where the wedding or reception is taking place.

The top of the Rock

Gibraltar is famous for a number of things; its weather, its monkeys and its views. Its most iconic feature, however, is undoubtedly the Rock, which stands at a colossal 426 metres and towers over the rest of the island. Once climbed, it affords the most sublime vista imaginable. If you want a set of wedding photos that are as stunning as they are unique, you should absolutely head to the top of the Rock.

The Botanic Gardens

The Gibraltar Botanic Gardens – also known as Alameda Wildlife Park – is one of the island’s most popular tourist attractions. Spanning around 15 acres, the park is home to an array of wild plants and trees, with the latest count estimating it to contain close to 2,000 different species. It also houses a stunning bronze statue of General Eliot, a beautiful wooden bridge surrounded by exotic plants, and even a red British telephone box, so if you are seeking wedding photos that are as quirky as they are distinctive, look no further.

The airport

This may not sound like the perfect place for a wedding snap, but bear with us. In 1969, music icon John Lennon married Yoko Ono in Gibraltar, and the post-ceremony shot taken from the grounds of the airport (you know, the one with the Rock in the background) is arguably the most famous wedding photo in history. Given the airport location, it will be necessary to organise such a photoshoot in advance, but it is absolutely something that can be achieved with the right amount of preparation.

Sandy Bay

You’d think that, with Gibraltar being relatively small, all of the beaches would be constantly heaving. However, at Sandy Bay, which is somewhat secluded, it’s very easy to escape from the hustle and bustle. It is generally simple to find a quiet corner of the beach upon which to take some stunning photos, so if you don’t mind a bit of sand and like the idea of the wind blowing in your hair, why not head here?

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