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Food ideas for your wedding in Gibraltar

Getting married in Gibraltar is a dream come true for many engaged couples. From the picturesque settings to breathtaking views, it makes for a great location for your big day. However, everyone attending your destination wedding will be eager to tuck into some delicious local cuisine and sample various signature drinks.

Keep reading to find out some tried and tested food ideas for your wedding in Gibraltar.

1. Calentita

Calentita is Gibraltar’s national dish, and it’s made with chickpea flour, water, olive oil, salt and pepper. It’s usually oven-baked and served hot as an appetizer, so be sure to have plenty of them at your wedding, especially if you have an open bar.

2. Menestra de verduras

Simply put, this is a plant-based dish packed with various fresh vegetables, including peas, olives, green beans, artichokes, turnip, onions, and white beans. You can serve menestra de verduras as a soup, stew or side dish, but this largely depends on the method of preparation.

It’s a great vegan option to have at your wedding to accommodate guests that don’t eat meat or poultry while allowing you to add more vegetables to your food line-up.

3. Rosto

Although it dates back to old Genoese origins, this pasta dish is quite popular nowadays. It’s made by combining pasta (normally pene), garlic, tomato sauce, mushrooms, carrots, stock cube, and beef and cooking them in white wine. You can replace the beef with chicken or pork.

Since rosto’s key ingredient is pasta (a heavy carb), it’s a great main dish to have at your wedding as it can absorb all the alcohol your guests have indulged in before the reception.

4. Rolitos

This is a Gibraltarian meat that’s made by tightly wrapping a mixture of boiled eggs, finely chopped olives, bacon, vegetables, garlic and spices in a thin piece of beef, pork or chicken. The roll is then braised until the meat is cooked.

You can serve rolitos at your wedding with mashed potatoes, rice, or croquettes and pair it perfectly with a glass of Manzanilla wine.

If you’re planning your destination wedding in Gibraltar, get in touch with Sweet Gibraltar Weddings today to explore your options.