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Flavour your wedding with a taste of Gibraltar

The food served at your wedding reception is an important experience for both you and the guests you invite. The cuisine of Gibraltar unites the culinary influences and ingredients of many different nations, from Britain and Portugal to Malta and Genoa. As a result. Gibraltarian dining delights are a perfect choice for a wedding on the archipelago. Creating a balanced menu that includes the taste of home infused with Mediterranean flavours, the dishes of Gibraltar can help you create a unique wedding menu to remember.

Freshly baked bread

Served as sides and starters, bread is a common wedding food and traditional Gibraltarian options are well worth considering. Try fired Panissa or the local favourite, Calentita. This chickpea flour bread is beautiful, baked to perfection it is presented flat like a pancake.

Main dishes for your wedding

Pasta is a much-beloved part of Gibraltarian cuisine. Fideos al Horno is a baked dish with macaroni shells while Rosto involves penne cooked in a rich tomato sauce with pork or beef. As an island, it is understood that seafood is also a firm favourite in the British overseas territory so make sure you take advantage of the catch of the day. Those seeking vegetarian options for their reception can look to Torta de Acelga, a savoury spinach pie often cooked with fresh Swiss chard.

Sweet treats

Happy couples and guests with a sweet tooth won’t be disappointed by the wide array of sugary treats in Gibraltar. Japonesa is doughnuts, deep-fried and sweet while multi-layered Mil hojas are crafted from puff pastry and packed with chocolate, condensed milk and sugar. The world-famous profiteroles often seen arranged in pyramid stacks at weddings are in fact a national delicacy of Gibraltar. Stuffed with cream or custard and chocolate-dipped, these choux pastry balls are sure to please your guests.

Expert-led weddings in Gibraltar

At Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we are experts in helping brides and grooms plan their big day in this exotic Iberian location. Explore our site for inspiration or get in touch with our dedicated team today to start planning and choose from our extensive range of catering plans.