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Putting together your Gibraltar wedding invitations is an important part of planning. Whether you want as many family and friends as possible, or just a few carefully chosen companions, your invitations are the way to make sure everyone knows what to expect. With so many details to include, here are our top five tips.

Do I need a Save the Date card?

Save the Date cards are great way to get an idea of how many folks are coming to celebrate with you. For destination weddings they come in to their own. A save the date card means your guests can get the best deal on accommodation, you can get a good idea of who will be able to make it, which is great when scouting out venues.

When should I send my invitations?

If you’ve used a save the date card, then four-six months before is ideal This gives your guests time to plan, explore accommodation options, sort out transport and finalise those all-important outfits.

What should I include?

Your invitation is the way everyone knows what’s going on. An information card with details of where the ceremony and reception are, any other celebrations such as pre-wedding drinks is invaluable for making sure everyone knows what’s going on. It’s also a good place to put your wedding website, if you’re having one.

What should it look like?

The sky’s the limit for this. You could create a simple luggage tag with all the essentials on or put together a gorgeous travel folder packed with information. The appearance of your invitation is your opportunity to give your guests a feel for the theme of your wedding in Gibraltar.

Do I need a wedding website?

For Gibraltar weddings, a website is a great idea. It helps you set the theme for your wedding, saves on paper and is a great way of keeping track of replies. It’s also a great way to involve anyone who isn’t able to attend.

We hope you have as much fun creating your Gibraltar wedding invitations as putting together the rest of your plans.