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Wedding Packages by Wedding Coordinators in Gibraltar

Which is our favourite Wedding package?

It’s really nice to know that so many people follow us and follow the news of what’s going on in Gibraltar. It’s been another busy week for marriages in Gibraltar and we feel honoured that so many people have chosen us as their wedding coordinators and have enjoyed our wedding packages.

Sometimes, we get asked which is our favourite wedding package. It’s a tough question to answer. All our packages are designed for clients who have different tastes. If we had to choose, it would be a close run up between the Botanical Gardens and the Caleta Hotel. The next question that obviously follows is: “Why?”

Well, here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, virtually all our team are big nature lovers. One of our collaborators lives in the mountains, another loves to spend a lot of time trekking and walking in nature and we, personally, love to get out into either the mountains or down by the sea.

The Botanical Gardens Package offers our clients beautiful surroundings, plenty of natural flora and lots of green and colourful contrasts for their photographic backdrops.

The Caleta Hotel Wedding Package, on the other hand, offer clients the opportunity to get married on an outside terrace of the hotel; overlooking the sea. On a calm, sunny day, the sea can look like a mirror. One of the most remarkable features of this hotel is, as well, the incredible view of the sunrise across the sea.

We think you would have to experience either or both to appreciate what we’re trying to say. Although, we know that if you look through some of the Marriage photography from previous weddings, you will get a feel of the beauty.

All our couples who have chosen either location as their destination wedding venue in Gibraltar have been very happy. As you will also see from our testimonials.

If you would like more information about these packages and the other packages we have on offer, you can look through our website for more information or you can contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any and all of the questions you might have.

Remember, we’re here for you to make sure your wedding runs as smoothly as possible.

Have a great week and we’ll look forward to hearing from you.