Facts vs myths: debunking common misconceptions about having a destination wedding

Facts vs myths: debunking common misconceptions about having a destination wedding

Through the years, many myths have circulated about destination weddings. Although a few of these beliefs may have been true to some extent decades ago, many of them no longer are. Indeed, some never had a semblance of truth to begin with, and may have originated from a simple mistake or misunderstanding. 


So, before you believe everything you hear about destination weddings, it is important to fact-check these commonly accepted falsehoods. This is why we have put together a list of the top myths about getting married in Gibraltar or other overseas locations – busted. 


Myth #1: Destination weddings are too expensive 


Getting married in Gibraltar does not have to be overly pricey, and you don’t need to sacrifice sophistication and refinement in order to keep the costs low. As a matter of fact, there are many simple tips on how to hold a luxury wedding in Gibraltar on a budget.


Myth #2: Your ceremony has to be on a beach 


Although getting married in Gibraltar can certainly make for a gorgeous occasion when located on the beach, this is by no means the only place where you can embrace the most romantic elements of a destination wedding. There are many options available to you when it comes to hosting your ceremony, including a registry office, restaurant, hotel, or even a botanical garden. 


Myth #3: No one will attend


This one surely requires no explanation. After all, who wouldn’t love getting to go on holiday and see their loved ones getting married in Gibraltar, all at once? However, with the COVID-19 pandemic also far from over, restrictions on guest numbers may still apply when you come to tie the knot. You will therefore need to keep yourself informed of the latest information on this while planning. 


Myth #4: Such weddings are only for later-in-life marriages or eloping


Despite this arguably being a trend in the past, getting married in Gibraltar in the modern era is definitely not restricted to later-in-life marriages and eloping. In reality, destination weddings are becoming popular among couples in general, due in large part to the minimal stress and cost that comes with combining the location for the ceremony and honeymoon. 


Myth #5: You have to plan it all by yourself


Here is where the specialist wedding planning team from Sweet Gibraltar Weddings comes in! You never have to do it alone when you are getting married in Gibraltar. We have all of the knowledge and experience to assist you in planning your dream destination wedding. 


If you have always thought about getting married in Gibraltar, but were worried that you would have to plan it by yourself, get in touch today for more information and to begin organising the greatest day of your life with Sweet Gibraltar Weddings.