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What to expect from your wedding planner

Some people relish the thought of planning their wedding; organising everything creates excitement and anticipation. However, for many others, it brings a lot of distress and anxiety – which is why they often opt for a wedding planner instead. If the thought of organising an event of this magnitude makes you feel like you want to call the whole thing off, it is probably time to analyse your options. There are a lot of different aspects to planning a wedding and wedding planners have the expertise to get it right. If you are looking at hiring a wedding planner, these are some expectations you should have:

Best venues

The wedding planner will have extensive knowledge on the best venues to suit your needs and will be able to work with you on your individual budget. Wedding planners will have used a range of different venues, so you won’t be left disappointed by a lack of knowledge.

Key trends

The trends for wedding days are constantly changing and the wedding planner will have expert knowledge in these and which one fits in with your vision. They will be able to listen to your exact needs and help you create the wedding of your dreams.

Wedding photographer

Finding the perfect wedding photographer is one of the most difficult aspects of organising a wedding and if you get it wrong, it can potentially ruin the whole day. The wedding planner will know the best and most experienced wedding photographers and will be able to advise on the most appropriate to suit you, so your wedding photographs can provide you with treasured memories for a lifetime.

Assist with paperwork

You would be surprised at how much paperwork is involved in the big day and this can often be quite intimidating, especially if you are not expecting it. The wedding planner will be able to advise you on the paperwork and help you complete this.

Additional extras

Some wedding planners will offer additional extras, such as assistance with booking catering and accommodation, makeup for the day and the wedding cake. Wedding planners are all different in the services they offer, so it depends what you are looking for.

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