How to embrace body positivity for your upcoming nuptials

How to embrace body positivity for your upcoming nuptials

Recent years have seen all manner of fascinating trends sweep through the world of weddings – and beyond – but one of the most important for you might well be body positivity. 

What is body positivity? In short, it’s the notion that we can, and should, all feel proud of our bodies, whatever our shape or size may be. It’s a movement that has captured a lot of attention and admiration lately, but it’s also one that seems to sit uneasily alongside the tradition of ‘shredding for the wedding’. That’s before we even get onto the subject of some of the careless comments friends or relatives may make about your body in the run-up to your special day. 

If, then, you feel insecure about your shape and size at times, the weeks and months leading up to your wedding can be… tricky. So, let’s take a look at some of the great ways you can embrace the important lessons body positivity offers when you’re preparing to get married. 

Know your own unique beauty 

The reality is that we are all beautiful, in our own respective ways – difference is beautiful! However, you may struggle to believe that of yourself at times. 

So, we would urge all brides and grooms reading themselves for weddings in Gibraltar to remind themselves of their own unique beauty. Don’t get worked up comparing your body to others you know who may have tied the knot recently. After all, there’s a strong likelihood that they have their own insecurities in this regard. 

Instead, embrace the belief that you don’t have to change yourself and your body in order to be happy walking down the aisle – because you really don’t. 

Resist the temptation of extreme diets 

In today’s “it’s all about the Instagram snaps” world, it’s easy to get drawn in by the “dieting” and “weight loss” products advertised by influencers who don’t have your best interests at heart. 

Now, we aren’t suggesting here that those getting ready for their weddings in Gibraltar shouldn’t embark on an exercise regime or aim to eat more healthily as their big day approaches. Some couples find taking these courses of action to be genuinely beneficial for their wellbeing and self-confidence when their wedding arrives – and that’s absolutely fine. 

But even if this is the case for you, it’s a much better idea to ignore the influencers, and instead get in touch with actual experts in fitness, nutrition and wellness. Such individuals will be able to advise and guide you on how to achieve any fitness or weight management goals in a safe, sustainable and healthy way. 

Remember: your partner loves you just the way you are 

The fact is, your spouse-to-be wouldn’t be your spouse-to-be if they didn’t love you just as you are. So, don’t be afraid to be your own best friend, and to see you as your partner sees you… because let’s be honest, that’s the version of you they will be seeing on your wedding day. 

We all deserve to feel happy, confident and comfortable in who we truly are, and this is central to the message behind body positivity. It is a message that we hope all of those considering or organising weddings in Gibraltar right now embrace. 

So, don’t allow any insecurities you may have about your body to hold you back from making your wedding day as special as it can and should be. Get in touch with the Sweet Gibraltar Weddings team now, and we’ll start working on putting together that dream wedding day for you.