Don’t overheat! Here’s how to cope with the warm sunshine of a Gibraltar wedding

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Don’t overheat! Here’s how to cope with the warm sunshine of a Gibraltar wedding

Almost everyone who has got married before will tell you that their wedding day was one of the most nerve-wracking, but also special events of their life. However, it’s also precisely because of this sense of importance of your nuptials, that you may understandably be getting a little hot and bothered about sorting out the finer details of your big day. 

But while we’re on that subject, if you’re getting married in Gibraltar or a similarly hot destination, you might be worried about sweating for an altogether different reason. 

Yes, we’re referring to the sweltering conditions that come almost as standard with a Mediterranean wedding. So, to help ensure the sun and heat don’t compromise your enjoyment of your wedding day, here are some great tips for tying the knot in the typical weather of this stunning and sought-after British Overseas Territory. 


Take time to acclimatise before the big day 

Once you know you will be getting married in Gibraltar, it can be a good idea to arrange to fly out a few days before the ceremony. Not only does this give you more time for advanced preparations in Gibraltar itself, but it will also allow your body to acclimatise to the weather before the hectic schedule of your big day. 


Choose your wardrobe appropriately for the heat 

Traditional wedding dresses and tuxedos aren’t known for being made out of breathable fabrics, and all of those layers might cause you to overheat if you are getting married in the baking sun. Instead, consider lighter, floatier materials that will allow your body to stay relatively cool. 


Eat a good breakfast before the ceremony 

Sometimes, a warm climate can reduce our appetite; however, it is crucial that you remember to eat a good breakfast before your wedding ceremony. With all of the inevitable celebrating on the day itself, you never know when you might get time to eat next, and no one wants to pass out on their wedding day. 


Always keep hydrated 

If you are going to be outside in the sunshine, dehydration can be a real risk. So, you should make sure you keep your fluids up throughout the day, drinking lots of water alongside your celebratory Champagne. Drinking cool to cold water can also be a great way to cool down when you are starting to feel too warm. 


Apply sun cream regularly (even on your wedding day)

Before getting married in Gibraltar, you should get into the routine of applying sun cream regularly. Sun cream protects your skin from ultraviolet (UV) rays, and ensures your skin is moisturised and not burnt. Applying it throughout the day will also help avoid you looking a little too pink in your wedding photos! 

For further helpful advice for your wedding planning, and to start working with us, don’t hesitate to enquire to the Sweet Gibratar Weddings team today. We’re ready and waiting to help make your dream of a sun-drenched Mediterranean wedding a reality – and to ensure that from start to finish, your nuptials live up to everything you hoped for and imagined.