Don’t get too disillusioned about pre-wedding weight-loss struggles!

Don’t get too disillusioned about pre-wedding weight-loss struggles!

At the time of typing, it’s clear that the last few months have been anything but easy for many of us. Persistent lockdown conditions have left great numbers of us despondent, and yearning for some source of positivity – and for you, that source of positivity may well be getting married in Gibraltar


But this brings us neatly onto the subject of another common reason for stress as a wedding looms; feeling the pressure to ‘slim down’ in order to ‘look perfect’ on one’s wedding day. 

And yes, there are good reasons why you might be launching a healthy-eating and fitness routine right now. You may well be pursuing it yourself in part as a distraction from the pandemic, or for longer-term health reasons; not all brides-to-be and grooms-to-be try to shed weight ahead of their nuptials purely to boost their self-confidence in how they’ll look in their wedding photos. 


It’s also important to acknowledge, though, just how toxic pre-wedding dieting culture can be, especially in conditions like the present that give us so many other things to fret about.


Reject the pressure for perfection as your big day nears 


Earlier in the pandemic in particular, there seemed to be widespread assumptions that quarantine would present us all with an opportunity to get ‘quarantoned’, emerging fitter and sharper than we were when we entered the first COVID-19 lockdown. 


However, such assumptions can so easily become an expectation that we’ll all be toning up and burning those pounds in Zoom fitness classes or on morning jogs. 


As you’ll have probably found out for yourself by now, pandemic conditions aren’t exactly ideal for mental or physical health. Most of us at the moment are just trying to cope with the seemingly constant flood of negative news headlines (albeit, brightened lately by some of the developments surrounding vaccines). 


Yes, it can be a great idea to commit to healthy eating and regular exercise – especially if you’re currently largely stuck at home. This can have benefits for both physical and mental health, and even support your immune system at a time when you’ll want it to be as strong as possible. 


But if you’re currently feeling stressed out about the prospect of possibly not meeting your fitness and weight-loss goals before your wedding day, it’s vital that you give yourself a break. A health kick that turns into a source of strain and worry isn’t, after all, much of an effective health kick at all.


Allow our team to help you rest easy when preparing for your wedding 


There are a lot of things you can do to help lessen any stress you feel at this time, including reminding yourself of what you’re looking forward to about your special day, listening to relaxing music, and keeping a distance from some of the more stressful news headlines. 


Another thing that you’ll be thankful for if you are interested in getting married in Gibraltar, though, is the assistance of a capable and experienced team of wedding planners. That’s exactly who we are here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings; indeed, we’ve arranged thousands of weddings over the years! 


And when you have nuptials planned for the stunning sun-drenched surroundings of the British Overseas Territory… well, that’s definitely something to look forward to, regardless of the exact wedding package you choose


Get in touch now, and we’ll be delighted to help and guide you every step of the way of getting married in Gibraltar.