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Does Gibraltar Use the Same Wedding Service as the UK?

When planning a wedding in Gibraltar, one may wonder whether the wedding service in Gibraltar is similar to that of the UK. Gibraltar is a popular destination for couples seeking to tie the knot due to its beautiful scenery, warm climate, and straightforward process for getting married. In this blog post, we will explore the similarities and differences between wedding services in Gibraltar and the UK.

Legal Requirements

The legal requirements for getting married in Gibraltar are different from those in the UK. In Gibraltar, couples need to give notice of their intent to marry at least one day before the ceremony. They also need to provide valid identification documents, such as a passport or birth certificate. The ceremony can be conducted by a Registrar or a licensed minister, and there are no residency requirements. In contrast, the UK has a minimum residency requirement of seven days, and the couple must give notice of their intent to marry at least 28 days before the ceremony.


The ceremony in Gibraltar is similar to that of the UK, with the exchange of vows and rings and the signing of the marriage certificate. However, couples in Gibraltar have the option to customise their ceremony to reflect their personal beliefs and preferences. They can choose to include readings, music, and personalised vows. In the UK, the ceremony is more structured, and there are restrictions on the content of the ceremony.


In Gibraltar, couples can choose from a range of venues for their wedding ceremony, including the Registry Office, the Botanical Gardens or the Rock of Gibraltar. They can also get married in a hotel or on a yacht – but you can’t get married on a beach in Gibraltar. In the UK, there are also a variety of venues available, but couples need to ensure that the venue is licensed for weddings.


While there are some differences between the wedding service in Gibraltar and the UK, they are largely similar. The legal requirements are different, but the ceremony itself is comparable, with the option for customisation in Gibraltar. The venue options are also similar, with couples having the freedom to choose from a range of locations.