Does a smaller wedding automatically mean a smaller wedding menu?

Does a smaller wedding automatically mean a smaller wedding menu?

The last two years have certainly got a lot of us accustomed to downscaling our wedding plans from whatever we might have initially intended. However, if you’re thinking of getting married in Gibraltar, you probably already appreciate that ‘smaller’ is not automatically ‘lesser’, such is the charm offered by the British Overseas Territory despite measuring a mere 6.8 square kilometres (2.6 square miles). 

And it’s the same story when it comes to your wedding menu! Whether you’ve decided to organise a smaller wedding due to practical factors such as your budget or COVID-19, or instead simply because this is your preference as a couple, your wedding menu can still be hugely memorable for all the right reasons. 

Yes, even a smaller wedding’s menu can still be ambitious! 

It’s easy to overlook that while a smaller wedding may force you to downsize certain aspects of your nuptials – there’s probably little point, for instance, booking a big venue if only a few close friends and relatives will be attending – this doesn’t really apply in the same way to the catering. 

Indeed, a smaller guestlist could, if anything, free you up to do something a bit special with your menu due to the money it saves. Maybe you could take the chance to offer each guest a broader selection of goodies, or provide an all-round dining experience that feels more premium than your attendees may have encountered at most other weddings they’ve been at?  

So, what might you do to make your menu extra-special? 

For one thing, this being Gibraltar, not having to worry so much about ‘covering the bases’ for hundreds of mouths could give you more scope to deeply explore authentic Gibraltarian culinary options. Those could include the likes of the island’s unofficial national dish, calentita, the vegetarian pastry pie known as torta de acelgas, and sweeter treats like rosquitos. 

Other approaches for your smaller wedding breakfast could include serving each guest a dish entirely of their own choice, or a particularly luxurious dish that it would have been beyond your budget to provide if there had been a hundred or more wedding guests to cater for. 

Sometimes, a smaller wedding can be an excellent opportunity to go bigger rather than smaller, perhaps by ditching the traditional three-course meal template and going for a specially curated six or eight-course tasting menu. 

Then, there’s the continuing COVID-19 factor to think about. Yes, we may all be hopeful of getting out of the pandemic – eventually – but in the meantime, you might still have certain mitigations in place, such as guests having their own ‘bubbles’ that they remain seated in. And you could perhaps make a virtue out of the lack of mingling, by paying for a dedicated waiter or bartender to be assigned to each table. 

Such an arrangement could help keep your guests well-looked-after and comfortable, while also ensuring they aren’t tempted to wander over to the bar, this measure thereby minimising the risk of spreading germs. And of course, it’ll all help to add a further memorable level of opulence to your special day. 

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The above tips, of course, aren’t the only ways in which you could make your smaller wedding just as special as a bigger and grander one – but they should hopefully provide you and your beloved with some great inspiration for getting on with. 

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