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Do you want to be a barefoot bride? Gibraltar is the place to do it

Wedding crazes can come out of nowhere. Take, for instance, getting married barefoot. While the trend actually has roots dating back hundreds of years, it’s clear that there’s been a resurgence of women wanting to ditch their shoes to say ‘I do’. If you’re sure that you want to go down this route and are looking for a place where it can happen, then look no further than Gibraltar. Let’s look at why this coastal hotspot is ideal for any woman with her heart set on being a barefoot bride.


Forget about the idea that you could possibly end up with wet feet! Rain is scarce in Gibraltar (especially compared to other destinations in Europe) and the temperature is generally rather pleasant throughout the calendar year. In fact, when the sun is shining it will actually provide some much-needed relief to kick your shoes off and go barefoot as you walk down the aisle.


A major driving force for women who want to be a barefoot bride is that they can feel more at one with nature by going barefoot. Luckily, this won’t be the only way you’ll be able to connect with nature. Gibraltar has an abundance of hills, beaches and greenery, giving the illusion that you’ve escaped the western world and found a true oasis in the middle of Europe.


There are certainly many couples who like to rip up the rulebook when getting married abroad. After all, when you tie the knot in Gibraltar you can pick and choose which wedding traditions you want to adhere to and really craft your big day in your own unique way. You’ll only be re-enforcing your chosen ethos when you slip off your shoes to get hitched.

Do things your way!

You won’t have to compromise on anything when you make your decision to get married in Gibraltar. Your special day can come together in the exact way that you want it to, and – perhaps best of all – you can leave all the difficult planning measures in the safe and qualified hands of Sweet Gibraltar Weddings.