Do you know what underwear you will be wearing for your wedding day in Gibraltar?

Do you know what underwear you will be wearing for your wedding day in Gibraltar?

With so much else to be planned about your big day, we can well understand that you might not give the subject of your wedding underwear the level of attention it perhaps needs and deserves.  

And no, we aren’t referring to the saucy lingerie you’ll presumably be looking forward to slipping on in the evening; we’re talking about the underwear you will be wearing all day underneath your wedding dress. 

Whether you intend to go with a bra and knickers or perhaps a bodysuit, there is a lot to think about here, touching on comfort and aesthetics alike. So, what are some of the factors that will help you decide which underwear you will be wearing for your Gibraltar nuptials? 

The type of dress you wear for your wedding 

This is the factor from which all other considerations for your wedding underwear will largely follow. Brides who are planning weddings in Gibraltar and have decided on a particular type of dress, but who have yet to think much about their chosen underwear, should take some of the below things into account: 

  • If you’re going with a strapless wedding dress but don’t feel sufficiently supported to go braless, you will need to think about wearing a strapless or multiway bra 
  • If your wedding dress will be a sheer dress, the location of the sheer panels on the dress will largely dictate your choice of underwear. It is advisable to look for smooth, seamless underwear sets that will match as closely as possible to your skin tone  
  • Wedding dresses with plunging necklines tend to have built-in support; if you do feel the need for more support, you should consider wearing a plunge bra that veers lower than traditional bra shapes
  • For brides that choose a relatively short wedding dress, a key priority will be to make sure their chosen shapewear or undergarments don’t fall below their hemline. If this is the situation for you, you might have shapewear bottoms that fall just above the knee, which might necessitate you having them taken up or buying shorter ones. 

The advice of your bridal stylist 

If you would appreciate some professional advice on the underwear that would work most effectively with your chosen dress, why not ask at the time you come to buy your dress? 

Your bridal stylist will have likely helped match the right underwear to the right dress on many occasions in the past, so they will be well-placed to provide informed advice and guidance. 

Make sure you arrange to be properly measured

This isn’t just good advice for those planning weddings in Gibraltar – it’s good life advice in general. Many women are not wearing the right size of bra in their day-to-day lives, so you probably shouldn’t presume that whatever you wear to the office will definitely be the correct size for your wedding day. 

By arranging to get properly measured and fitted, you can help make sure you wear a bra that will enhance your posture and natural shape, in addition to simply feeling comfortable from the start to finish of your big day. 

Your bridal underwear may not be visible to everyone on your wedding day (or we hope not, anyway), but it is still an element of your nuptials that will be of vital importance for your own comfort and confidence. 

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