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Disadvantages Of Getting Married In Spain

A very warm welcome back to our ever-growing blog. We sincerely hope that you’ve all had a good week. The weather here has been a bit up and down but it certainly hasn’t put a dampener on our weddings. We continue to be your wedding planners of choice here in Gibraltar.

Have you ever thought about getting married in Spain and found it too difficult? We fully understand. A wedding in Spain requires a lot of paperwork to be processed, it can be a lengthy process to get everything done and if neither the bride to be or the groom to be are Spanish nationals, then at least one of the parties is expected to have been a resident for a minimum of two years prior to the marriage.

If either the bride or groom, to be, is Spanish then there is no requirement for residency. However, each region in Spain has slight variations on the legal requirements. You should always check with the specific region of Spain you wish to get married in.

Aside from being very time consuming, paperwork in Spain can take a very long time. You would need to start planning your wedding way in advance of your proposed date of marriage.

Getting married in Gibraltar is a much easier option. The paperwork is a very simple process and we are here to help you get through it from the very first day you get in touch with us.

When non Gibraltar residents wish to get married on our beautiful rock, they are only required to spend one night in Gibraltar. It can either be the night before the wedding or the night of the wedding. All the law requires is that you provide proof of your stay. That can be done in many ways.

For more information, please go to our about section on our website and look at the drop-down menu under getting married in Gibraltar.

What you might like to consider as an alternative option is to get married in Gibraltar and have your wedding celebrations in Spain. That way, you get the best of both worlds. We can assist you in finding a nice venue on the Costa del Sol or in any other part of Spain that you wish. We can arrange your hotel stay and that of your guests. We can arrange car hire and even specific wedding planning services that will help your day be as special as it can be and run smoothly.

Why not send us a message or call us today and we will tell you all about the advantages of getting married in Gibraltar. Remember, we are Gibraltar’s foremost Wedding Planner as chosen by so many of the hundreds of couples we have helped over the years.

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