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Current Wedding Trends in Gibraltar that have left Couples in Awe

Wedding are always cherished events in the couple’s lives and people are always looking to introduce something different and unique in their weddings. Every season brings new ideas and expectations and in the country of Gibraltar, the trend has been changing with the times as well.

Themes and styles that have dominated the wedding scene
The Looks; Color
With the great love for pink in most weddings, this is certainly a trend that has taken course in the year of 2017. To be more specific, the blush rose color remains to be the dominant wedding color. In certain areas it is also referred to as the “now and forever color” as it creates a sense of timelessness and a classy look.

Encore Metallics
The brides continue to embrace copper, golden, pewter colored wears as they are versatile and work well with almost every other color. They easily blend with relaxed and other fun colors and are also great for the black tie evening ahead. The shine is also nowadays used very strategically and only limited to the head and the display tables rather than on every table at the reception venue. These should not be a cause for worry when you are doing your wedding in Gibraltar because you get all great advice from the sweet Gibraltar weddings on how to plan your colors for a great wedding.

Today’s weddings are not complete without a surprise element to them. Couples planning their weddings want their guests to be blown away by something special. One of the key elements to an unforgettable event is the venue choice and this allows couples personalise their wedding and tell their story in a very unique way. The choice of a wedding in Gibraltar is great due to the availability of many unique venues and natural and breathtaking sceneries that will surprise your guests.

Wedding Dress Styles
Over the last several months, the 3D floral dress designs had captured the imagination of people planning their weddings and made the bride look stunning. Similarly the plunging necklines were available in various collections. The big bold floral embroidered onto sleek minimal looks were also popular. The style has then changed to more festive and exposing styles as seen in the major fashion designers in Gibraltar and around the world.

The deep V neck styles are now available and designers are counting towards the 2017 – 2018 couples making very bold and skin baring choices to bring out an elegantly perfect and modern looking bride for their weddings. Couples wishing to walk down the aisle with style in Gibraltar should be looking at the bride with the bare shoulders in both minimal and ornate styles of dresses.

Wedding Gifts to Choose
The wedding gifts and presents are always hard to determine. In the country of Gibraltar this may present a special challenge for the non residents who frequent there to attend friends and family weddings and are not completely familiar with the country. This process has however been made easy and exciting as there are many gift shops in the country also offering online booking and courier services. There has been a shift towards amazing flower designs and bouquets for the bride, which beautifully matches with the wedding theme.