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Why the cuisine of Gibraltar is perfect for weddings

The food at your wedding reception is a vital part of the experience for you and your guests. Gibraltarian cuisine is a real marriage of tastes with influences from Genoa, Malta, Portugal and Britain. This makes it the perfect accompaniment for you Gibraltar wedding. Bursting with Mediterranean flavours but also encompassing the familiar tastes of home, the cuisine of Gibraltar offers lots of variety with something that all your wedding guests will enjoy.

Main dishes

A firm favourite with everyone, pasta is a staple part of the Gibraltarian cuisine. Dishes includes Rosto, which consists of penne in a tomato sauce with pork or beef, and Fideos al horno, a baked macaroni dish. Rolitos are thin slices of beef surrounding breadcrumbs, eggs, bacon, vegetables, olives and herbs and can be cooked in baked or fried in wine. Being an island, fish is also an immensely popular dish (you can even find fish and chips!).


Every culture has its own distinctive form of bread and Gibraltar is no different. Calentita is a local bread made with chickpea flour and baked in a pancake shape. Panissa is made from a boiled dough then cut into small strips and fried. For those with a sweet tooth, Bollo de hornasso is a sweet dry bread flavoured with aniseed.


There is plenty of choice for the dessert lovers at your Gibraltar wedding. Profiteroles – a choux pastry ball filled with cream or custard and topped with chocolate sauce – are the national dish of Gibraltar. They are served at celebrations of all kinds and are perfect for weddings. Milhojas are made from layers of puff pastry and filled with a creamy mixture of chocolate, sugar and condensed milk, and Janponesa are sweet fried doughnuts. If you’ve been dieting to fit into your perfect wedding outfit, this the ideal opportunity to indulge a little with a yummy dessert.

There is a lot to consider with all the options for your Gibraltar wedding food. At Sweet Gibraltar Weddings we can offer restaurant and catering planning so you can focus on having an amazing day with your guests. Contact us now for more details.