Could a registry office wedding be the perfect choice for you and your beloved?

Could a registry office wedding be the perfect choice for you and your beloved?

Generations of newlyweds have tied the knot in a registry office, and it’s an arguably highly underrated way to get married. Indeed, one could even claim that in the COVID-19 era, the registry office wedding’s ‘moment’ has truly arrived! 

Formalising one’s union in a registry office is, after all, generally seen as a more intimate and low-key way to do so. 

Gibraltar weddings based on our own Registry Office Package here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings allow a maximum number of guests of 20. So, if you don’t intend to have more than a handful of your nearest and dearest present for your nuptials, a registry office wedding organised by us in the British Overseas Territory might suit you just fine! 


But getting married at the registry office is even more special in Gibraltar 

Now, given the stark contrast between the extravagance of many weddings at larger venues and the more understated nature of a registry office wedding, you might expect us to point out that the latter type of wedding tends to be cheaper than the former. And that’s true! 

So, as an affordable and practical option for those simply wishing to tie the knot with their sweetheart, it’s hard to beat a registry office wedding. That might be especially relevant for you given the greater financial pressures many of us have faced since the pandemic’s onset. 

But we wouldn’t want you to think of a registry office wedding as a mere ‘budget’ option. That’s certainly far from the case when it comes to Gibraltar weddings. In fact, getting married at the registry office has long proved to be a ‘celebrity’ option in this part of the Iberian Peninsula, the likes of John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Laurence Harvey having all chosen it. 

And here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we can hardly blame them. After all, in Gibraltar, even the registry office – with its fresh cream paintwork, crystal chandelier and bridal white drapes – is something of an attraction in and of itself! 


Get in touch if you’re falling in love with the idea of a Gibraltar wedding 

Even putting aside the practical considerations the coronavirus crisis may have brought into play for you and your sweetheart, not all of us want a super-expensive ‘all the trappings’ wedding ceremony. For some of us – like the celebrities cited above – it turns out a registry office wedding is perfect in its quickness and simplicity. 

If, then, you fancy following in the footsteps of those who have enjoyed Gibraltar weddings in the enchanting surroundings of the registry office, don’t wait any longer to get chatting with our team