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Coronavirus and your Gibraltar wedding: what should you do now?

In common with any other business, professional wedding planners in Gibraltar are not immune to forces in the wider world – and this has certainly (and sadly) proved to be the case, too, with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

With the latest information that we have being that Gibraltar will be on lockdown from midnight on the evening of Tuesday 24th March, all weddings have therefore been postponed until at least 21st April this year. Those with bookings on dates affected by this are urged to get in touch with us to reschedule.

So far, then, the news might seem less than positive for couples looking to tie the knot in Gibraltar. But with the extra time you now have to think about your special day (when it does finally happen – and it will!), how would we advise you to use it?

Here are our tips.

Don’t hesitate to talk to your planners and vendors

Now is the time to maintain open communication channels with anyone and everyone who will be helping to make your big day a reality.

Remember that like other pandemics in the past, the Covid-19 outbreak will pass, and people will be able to resume normal life. But remember, too, that lots of couples will be rescheduling their weddings at this time, with many service providers adjusting their own timelines to suit. This makes it a good idea to act fast to secure a new date that works well for everyone involved.

Consider picking another date this year, rather than in 2021

It’s understandable that you might think, “let’s just put it back to 2021 – this outbreak will be over by then.” However, with so many other couples likely to be thinking the same way, you may find that rescheduling for another date in 2020 is the best route forward for you and your beloved.

Now might be a good time, though, to be flexible and consider less traditionally popular dates, such as mid-week – especially as many professional wedding planners in Gibraltar expect late 2020 to be a hectic time with both previously booked and rescheduled weddings packing the calendar.

Plus, delaying until 2021 could easily lead to you losing momentum with your wedding planning, so the extra time you have to prepare might not end up being used all that well.

Oh, and another benefit of rescheduling for a date this year, rather than 2021, is that you will be doing your bit to support the travel, hospitality and event industries that are facing such a tough time as a consequence of Covid-19.

Be responsible, and stay as safe as you can!

These are unprecedented times in recent history, so don’t worry too much about your Gibraltar wedding, to the point that you make any rash decisions. Instead, prioritise your own health and wellbeing and that of your loved ones and prospective event attendees, while also continuing to communicate with your professional wedding planners in Gibraltar on the way forward.

Make the right calls now, and you might well be celebrating your magical wedding day in Gibraltar so much sooner than you think!