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Coastal wedding ideas for the groom


The coastline is a place of relaxation and escape. It’s also a great place to get married if you’re looking for an outdoor wedding that’s relaxed, fun and simple. If you’ve chosen to get married at a coastal location or somewhere else with a coastal view, you can go all out with your wardrobe and accessories. You don’t have to stick with the traditional suit-and-tie look when having your nuptials by the sea!

Coastal weddings give grooms more freedom

Coastal weddings are relaxed and casual, so you’ll want to dress accordingly. You can go all out with your wardrobe and accessories if you’ve chosen to get married somewhere else with a coastal view.

Grooms typically don’t have too much creative freedom for their wardrobes, so it may be hard to know how much flair is appropriate for your wedding day outfit. The best thing to do when picking out clothes is to think about what kind of style suits you best–and then play around until they’re perfect!

Think loose, colourful and comfortable

You don’t have to go for the full Hawaiian shirt look if it’s not your style, but try something loose, colourful and comfortable that you feel great in. Or if you’re feeling particularly bold, try wearing something that shows off your personality–this could be anything from an eye-catching tie clip or bow tie to some funky socks!

Consider a linen shirt or a blazer that gives off that breezy vibe

Maybe it’s a linen shirt or a blazer that gives off that breezy vibe. The linen shirt is a classic, but if you want something more modern, try out the blazer as an alternative. The blazer can be worn as both jacket and vest–the latter option makes it feel less formal than wearing an actual suit jacket (and also helps keep things cool).


If you’re planning a coastal wedding, feel free to try something new and fun for your outfit. You can celebrate your love for each other by wearing something vibrant and comfortable that makes you feel great. The key is finding an outfit that reflects who you are as individuals while also showing off your love of the beach!

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