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Choosing the flower arrangements for your Gibraltar wedding

Flowers are part and parcel of any wedding celebration. They represent the flourishing of the new relationship and the fact that it’s now blooming.

However, choosing the perfect arrangement for your Gibraltar wedding is no easy task. Where do you even begin?

Perhaps the best place to start is by colour. Even in Gibraltar, you can ship flower species from all over the world, so you’re not limited to local varieties only. The species you choose should match your theme.

Pink and red flowers

Pink and red flowers are abundant, so there are many varieties to choose from. Roses are perhaps the most common because they are available year-round and work with practically any theme.

For something a little more unusual, you might want to opt for Sharry baby orchid. These have a delicate vanilla pod perfume that can make your venue smell delightful.

Other popular pink and red flower options include nerine, anemone and dendrobium orchid.

Blue and purple flowers

Hydrangea and delphinium are both solid options here, often used in ceremonial arrangements. Other popular blue and purple flowers include pansy, tweedia, and water lily.

The benefit of blue and purple flowers is that you can find them in a variety of shades. From soft pastel baby blues and lilacs to vibrant, bold blues and purples, there’s bound to be flowers to suit every palette.

White flowers

The colour white is synonymous with weddings. Adding white flowers to your venue transforms the atmosphere and adds a sense of innocence, freshness and playfulness.

Daffodils and chrysanthemums are the go-to white flowers for most couples. White-variety daffodils are unexpected and sure to catch the eye while chrysanthemums are novelty centrepieces and look far more expensive than they actually are.

If you want a slightly more retro look, you might want to opt for gardenia, also available in yellow and pink, or if fragrance is important to you, then tuberose is another solid option.

Other popular white flowers for weddings in Gibraltar include calla lily, spirea, and stephanotis.

Orange and yellow flowers

Lastly, orange and yellow flowers add a carnival vibe to your wedding venue, getting everyone ready for the celebration. As you might expect, you have many options here, too.

For instance, some couples choose freesia for its lightly perfumed scent and delicate appearance. Others pick mini calla lily because of its strong colours and the fact that it is the perfect size for a boutonniere. Alternatives include ruffled tulip and heliconia.

If you’d like help with your flower arrangements, or anything else to do with getting married in Gibraltar, then get in touch with Sweet Gibraltar Weddings today.