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Choosing a Gibraltar themed wedding cake

Whether you’re planning a traditional Gibraltar wedding, or you’re out to surprise your guests with something more unusual, the all important wedding cake will be the centrepiece of your celebration. Many couples choose the theme for their cake based on the location of their wedding, which can produce some eye-catching results. Gibraltar offers so many fantastic ideas for the theme of your cake that you’ll be spoilt for choice.

So what type of cake would be suitable for a Gibraltar wedding?

A traditional tiered cake looks stunning and offers plenty of scope for decoration in different styles. Don’t dismiss cupcakes; the cute little cakes may be small, but display lots together beautifully and their impact is just as great as a tiered cake. These also have the advantage of being easier to pass around or, if your reception is going to be relaxed and informal, just let guests help themselves.

Decorations can make a big impact

Decoration of the cake, whatever style you’re going for, will make the biggest impact. If you’re planning a beach wedding reception, why not theme the cake to match. A blue or white cake, adorned with icing sea shells, starfish and coral, can be quite lovely. For a bit of glamour, add some edible pearls to the decoration. You could also use some blue stripes for a nautical effect or sprinkle some edible sand (usually made from toasted cake crumbs) around the cake. For a humorous twist, why not top your cake with two tiny deckchairs for bride and groom?

What about the flavour?

Don’t forget that your wedding cake, as well as looking amazing, will be eaten by your guests, so it’s worth giving some thought to what kind of cake to choose. Traditional fruit cake is a good option, but many people find this quite heavy, especially at the end of a meal. A lighter sponge cake always goes down well and you have the option of flavouring it how you wish. A lemon sponge will be in keeping with the Mediterranean location and is more refreshing in warmer weather.

It may be a small detail for your perfect wedding in Gibraltar, but your wedding cake can be the perfect finishing touch to your celebration.