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How to choose the perfect beach wedding dress

If you have your heart set on getting married in Gibraltar, then you need to consider what type of wedding dress to wear. This is especially important if you want to say your vows on one of Gibraltar’s beautiful beaches. Below we offer some tips on how to choose the perfect beach dress for your Gibraltar Wedding.

The right fabric

A beach wedding dress needs to be feminine, yet it must also help to keep you cool. The key here is to choose a light fabric that can breathe. Good options include those of chiffon, voile, cotton and organza. In most cases, the wedding dress is made from different materials and layers.

Browse the designer range

If you are seeking inspiration and ideas, then designer wedding dress ranges are a good place to start. Many are now designing beach wedding dresses which are usually much cheaper than the traditional bridal gown. If your budget won’t stretch that far, then at least you can get some style ideas about the latest trends.

The casual look with no train

The beach wedding dress will ultimately look more casual than a traditional gown. However, casual does not mean that it can’t be elegant. Opt for a dress that is not full length, but is ankle length. Instead of a wedding train that could snag on rocks or get wet, choose a dress that has a half train, or replace the train with a pretty and decorative design or a more elaborate veil or scarf.

The importance of length

When it comes to the beach dress the length of hem is incredibly important. A full-length dress is not always easy to wear as it can easily become wet or torn while on the beach. The beach wedding dress will really work at any length. Just wear what makes you feel comfortable.

Add a splash of colour

Just remember that your beach wedding dress does not need to be white. Wear pastel blue or mint green, show off a bold floral print, or have pretty jewels entwined into the fabric. Choose the dress for you!

To learn more about enjoying a fabulous beach wedding in Gibraltar then please do get in touch with us here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings.