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Can’t decide between a UK and overseas destination wedding? Have both!

The New Year may be a time of big plans for many of us, but if your own such plans include tying the knot, we can hardly blame you here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings for comparing overseas wedding locations. Still, though, there’s the competing pull of home, sweet home – good old Blighty. So, how do you square this particular circle?

Well, it’s all very simple, really – you choose Gibraltar for your nuptials! Indeed, here are just a few of the ways in which Gibraltar combines so much of the best of an overseas wedding destination and the United Kingdom.

Gibraltar is British to its core…

Having been ceded to Great Britain in perpetuity under the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713, Gibraltar has spent more than three centuries as British territory – and as a result, it feels as British as mash potato and gravy, fish and chips, and, erm… Ant and Dec.

This much is evident from just a casual walk down Gibraltar’s streets, which are adorned with classic red British post boxes and feature familiar British high-street shops like Debenhams, NEXT, Marks and Spencer and Holland & Barrett.

The Britishness is also apparent in the language that the locals speak, English being the official language here, as well as in the presence of such key armed forces as the Royal Gibraltar Regiment, the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force.

…but also unashamedly multicultural

Granted, even with all of the above considered, it must be acknowledged that Gibraltar is hardly ‘just another’ piece of British territory. After all, you are unlikely to see any Barbary macaque monkeys wandering around on the average high street on the UK mainland, as are practically synonymous with Gibraltar. These cheeky characters have even featured before in an instalment of that most British of iconic film franchises, James Bond – namely 1987’s Living Daylights.

Then, of course, there’s the generally exotic and multicultural vibe of Gibraltar that’ll definitely put you in mind of the other overseas wedding locations you may have considered. From the Mediterranean climate to the highly distinctive local cuisine and the variety of non-English languages spoken here, there’s plenty about the British Overseas Territory that makes it feel like a whole other world to the grey and drizzly mainland UK.

It all comes down to one amazing choice

Here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we very much believe you can have it all when it comes to deciding between overseas wedding locations and the UK – and we think Gibraltar offers exactly that!

So why not give our planners a call or send us an email right now, so that we can start to organise your dream wedding abroad in 2020, in a location that also feels like a true ‘home from home’?