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Can you get married on top of the Rock of Gibraltar?

From its coastal vistas and warm weather to the ease at which foreign couples can tie the knot, Gibraltar has become a favoured place for weddings and honeymoons alike. With lush botanical gardens, luxury hotels and yachts for hire, there are no shortage of memorable venues on the archipelago to select from. However, many couples looking to walk down the aisle in Gibraltar are often curious if they can marry on the Rock itself. If this is a question that crossed your mind, read on to find out more.

A venue atop the Rock

A monolithic promontory of limestone, The Rock of Gibraltar can be found in the British overseas territory, close to Europe’s southernmost tip. While most of the upper area of the Rock is a nature reserve, a venue known as the Mons Calpe Suite can be found perched at the top. An award-winning restaurant, it serves brunch, lunch and afternoon tea, but also acts as a luxury wedding venue, for those keen to impress their guests.

An unparalleled experience

The Rock of Gibraltar is 426 metres in height. As a result, those holding their wedding at the Mons Calpe Suite will enjoy unbeatable vistas and be able to share them with those attending. Despite its height, the restaurant can be easily reached by a 20-minute-long drive or an exciting and scenic trip by cable car that only takes six minutes.

To make the most of its unique location and the views it affords, the Mons Calpe Suite has circular walls made of glass. As a result, your guests can behold uninterrupted views of the crystal blue Bay of Gibraltar, Africa, Spain and beyond.

Gibraltar weddings on The Rock

At Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we are proud to offer an exceptional Mons Calpe Suite package. Weddings take place on the stunning terrace located next to the Mons Calpe Suite’s restaurant, offering couples the opportunity for a luxurious day to remember. Due to the size of the venue, the maximum number of wedding ceremony guests permitted is about 60. Get in touch with our friendly team today to book your big day.