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Can I get married on a beach in Gibraltar?


If you’re planning on getting married in Gibraltar, you might be wondering if it’s possible to get married on the beach. The answer is no! There are strict rules against Gibraltar weddings on beaches and even civil marriages will not be performed there.

Can I get married on a beach in Gibraltar?

If you are thinking about getting married on Gibraltar’s famous beaches, think again. A beach wedding is not allowed in Gibraltar. However, there are many other options for a beach wedding in Gibraltar.

Gibraltar has many beautiful beaches and parks for your special day. The ideal location would be somewhere with lots of natural greenery and shade, like the Alameda Gardens or Europa Point Park.

Why can’t I have a beach wedding in Gibraltar?

The reason that weddings are not allowed on Gibraltar’s beaches is that they are protected as a natural reserve. The beaches are home to many endangered species, including sea turtles and monarch butterflies. There are strict rules about what can be done on the beaches, and activities such as walking dogs or flying kites are not permitted.

Alternatives to a Gibraltar beach wedding

If you want to wed in Gibraltar, then there are many stunning alternative wedding venues in the countryside and historical areas that can accommodate your needs.

Once you have decided where to hold your ceremony, it’s time to start thinking about activities for your guests. As well as the obvious option of spending time on the beach and taking part in sports such as scuba diving or jet skiing, there are also plenty of other options available for guests who want to take part in some more active pursuits during their visit.


One thing is certain: you can get married in Gibraltar. Beaches, however, are a no-go. There are many other beautiful locations to choose from, whether it be a historic building or a quiet spot in the countryside. The important thing is that you make sure to book your wedding venue well in advance and plan the logistics carefully so everything goes smoothly on the big day!