How can you effectively budget for a wedding abroad?

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How can you effectively budget for a wedding abroad?

Having a wedding abroad on a backdrop of sun, sea and sand is the subject of dreams for many of us. Indeed, Gibraltar weddings have long been popular among couples for this very reason, and a major factor in your own attraction to them may be the prospect of your wedding representing something unique, an escape from your usual daily life. 


Unfortunately, real-life concerns often get in the way of this wedding fantasy – for example, you might worry about how much a wedding abroad would cost you, and how you could possibly budget for it. 


So, on the subject to how to make your overseas wedding dreams a reality, we’re here to lend a hand. Read on for tips and tricks on how to budget for a wedding abroad so that, one day, you might enjoy a Gibraltar wedding of your own.


Think about luggage

When you start budgeting for a wedding abroad, you might get so caught up in a whirlwind of wedding dresses, flowers, and dining options that you forget about the basics – such as the cost of transporting your luggage. 


If you intend on taking a delicate wedding dress or tuxedo with you from one country or territory to another, think about budgeting for an extra seat on the plane to help keep it safe. 


After all, you won’t want any meaningful items to get lost or ruined in transit. 


Cut down your guest list

Some couples budget for a massive wedding at home, with hundreds of guests. But if you want to hold your wedding abroad, such a big guest list may be less than practical. 


Cutting down your guest list is a good way to budget for a beautiful wedding abroad, as this will mean there is less to pay for flying guests out, catering, wedding garments for bridesmaids, and more.


Be flexible with your wedding date

You may be desperate for a summer wedding abroad, but the more popular the intended wedding date is, the more expensive hiring a wedding venue is likely to be. 


Many Gibraltar weddings take place in the summer, but the scenery is just as beautiful in the autumn or winter! So, don’t worry about being a little more flexible with your wedding date than you might have initially intended. This will allow you to have a more inclusive budget, and you’re likelier to save on flights and accommodation if you book a wedding in the off-season. 


Choose a good wedding package

For us at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, we have a wide range of wedding packages for soon-to-be newlyweds to choose from. These packages range in price, venue, and available amenities, so that all of our customers can experience the true happiness of Gibraltar weddings. 


To ensure you enjoy your wedding, inside and out, it’s important to choose a good wedding package that meshes well with your budget, and with your needs.

With this in mind, please do chat with us now here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings, and we’ll be able to help make your dream wedding abroad a thrilling reality.