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Bored of waiting? There’s no need to delay your wedding when getting married in Gibraltar

The average wedding now takes 13 months to plan. This is according to Hitched, who have found that more often than not it takes couples over a year to walk down the aisle after getting engaged. Meanwhile, just 3% of brides and grooms managed to get hitched within six months of popping the question. You’re right to ask: how can you guarantee that you’re not waiting months on end to tie the knot? Well, you can speed things along by getting married in Gibraltar. Let’s look at three ways you’ll find this to be the case.


The average wedding now comes in at over £30,000 in the UK. This huge cost can cause a delay for most people, especially as they scramble to save the money. Don’t worry, you’ll find it’s much cheaper to say ‘I do’ in Gibraltar, with the initial price coming in as low as just £210 if you go down the best routes. The likes of your flights and accommodation can generally be booked for a rather reasonable amount too.


In the UK the most popular month to get married in is August. Why? Well, because it’s your safest bet to get good weather. This means that couples have to wait for these in-demand dates just to get a chance of good weather – which can potentially delay their nuptials. Meanwhile, the weather is much more pleasant all year round in Gibraltar so you can pounce in the faith that you’ll get lucky with some sun.


You can always speed things along by enlisting the help of a reputable wedding planning company in Gibraltar. Through using this service you’ll ensure that all the heavy lifting is left in the hands of professionals who have years of experience putting together the most fabulous weddings – meaning you don’t have to waste time trying to get your head around the finer details.

No time like the present!

If you’re excited about getting married and can’t bring yourself to wait 13 months, then you can always speed things along by saying ‘I do’ in Gibraltar. To get the wheels moving on this, get in touch with Sweet Gibraltar Weddings today.