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Best Places To Elope

A very warm welcome back to our weekly blog. It’s been a long weekend for us, so we’ve been enjoying a little rest and relaxation. That is not to say that we have switched off altogether. Here at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings and in our line of business of wedding planning, we put your happiness first. In fact, we don’t even consider wedding planning to be a job or work. We love what we do and we love that you choose us to be your trusted wedding destination planners here in Gibraltar.

We love it when our Brides and Grooms, to be, come to our rock as strangers but leave as friends. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than to make our clients happy and, as you probably already know, we have helped a very large number of couples already.

Due to our popularity as your wedding planners of choice in Gibraltar, we thought we’d take the opportunity to mention that we won an official award for being one of the Best Places to Elope (BPTE) by the editors of Where to Elope.
Elope was a term traditionally used to refer to young couples who ran away to get married away from the disapproval of their families and friends.

Nowadays, this term is more commonly used to refer to people who choose to have smaller and more intimate weddings away from all the fuss and stress of having to organise a big affair. These types of weddings are our speciality.

We plan weddings for any number of people but we find that the majority of our clients come out to get married on their own. Some may bring a small number of intimate relatives with them. However, most choose to get married intimately in Gibraltar and then have a big party for their friends and relatives in their respective countries.

Thanks to the fact that we are Gibraltarians and know nearly all of the businesses here, and thanks to our business partnerships, we have a selection of venues here and in Spain where our clients might like to hold their wedding reception with their guests. Or, we can arrange for your legal wedding here in Gibraltar and a blessing in Spain with a reception.

For those who are thinking of coming out to get married on their own, we also have a selection of more intimate and romantic venues for you to celebrate in. We can organise anything from a candlelit dinner for two to a fully blown party catering for as many people as you would like to bring to our rock.

Remember, we are here for you. No wedding is too big or too small.

Get in touch with us today so we can make your dream wedding become a reality.