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Best bride hairstyles for your Gibraltar wedding

You’re naturally going to want to look stunning from head to toe when getting married in Gibraltar, especially if you’re the bride!

The wedding dress of your dreams needs to be supported and enhanced by matching shoes, a fabulous bouquet and flawless make-up. However, your crowning glory will undoubtedly be your hair, making it one of the most important decisions for your Big Day!

What hairstyles look fabulous with wedding dresses? Much depends on the style that best frames your face, supports any veil or tiara you’re wearing and matches the type of dress you’ve chosen.

To help you, here are the most popular bridal hairstyles.

Classic up-do

It’s a timeless favourite with brides. Simply arrange your hair away from your face in a low lying bun, twist or French Braid that’s swept around in a coil. This is often called a “chignon”, which means an arrangement at the nape of your neck. It looks elegant and supports a veil beautifully.

Down and tousled

Many modern brides prefer their Gibraltar wedding-look to be more natural, chic and contemporary. They opt for a great professional cut and colour and tease their hair into textured layers. This is a great option for short hairstyles for brides, and perfect with a simple or non-traditional wedding gown.

Messy or tamed curls

Having your hair curled for your marriage ceremony, or letting your natural curls bounce, is also a traditional and versatile wedding hairstyle. Many brides opt to have their curls partly up, with the rest cascading down wildly, to look enchanting. Others go for ringlets and other curly hairstyles that give the appearance of a princess on her wedding day.

The halo braid

To look like a goddess on your wedding day, or captivatingly pretty, twist Dutch braids into a halo effect. With a slimline gown, it looks amazing!

Bridal hair finishing touches

These hairstyles for brides not only support a veil or tiara but also lend themselves to other hair accessories. For instance, weave flowers to match your bouquet into your braid or bun, add cascades of pearl or diamond-effect pins, or hold your wedding hair back with an elaborate filigree clasp or headband.

For more ideas to create the perfect bridal-look and the perfect day, give us a call at Sweet Gibraltar Weddings.