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Love at a Glance by Wedding Photographer

a beautiful and worthy piece

Once again, we warmly welcome you to our weekly blog.

Today, we’d like to share, with you, something written by Venerina Conti who not only is our hair stylist and MAC PRO makeup artist/photographer but, also, a published author.

We think it’s a beautiful and worthy piece about love that everyone should read.

“Love is as infinite as time itself. It spans all lifetimes and is the most singular creative force that exists. It always has been, it is and it always will be. We don’t need to look for it. It’s everywhere. It’s all around us. It’s in nature. It’s in the very essence of life and the cycles of life itself.

Love is in every sunrise that brings with it a new day and a new opportunity for living the best we know how. It’s in the sunset that brings with it calm after a long day. It’s in the laughter of a new born baby who’s heart is still pure and untouched by conscious pain and suffering. It’s in the eyes of a lover who looks at us in a way that nobody else ever has.

True love can heal all pain and suffering. One touch, one look, one word from the person you love and everything has the potential to feel right again. To see that, all you have to do is observe an injured child being kissed by a parent. Love can break down barriers and eliminate ignorance. It creates understanding.

Love can overcome all obstacles and when you’re in love with someone, it can make everything in your world right again. Love in a relationship certainly doesn’t come easy though. It has its ups and downs. It has times when a couple may feel like they want to kill each other but, the truth is, when there’s true love, there’s unity and there’s no obstacle that can’t be overcome.

Love is a curious thing. It creeps up on us when we least expect it and when we’re least looking for it. Perhaps because when we’re not looking for it is when we’re most open to it. My humble opinion is that a heart only aches when it’s filled with love. It sounds like a contradiction in terms but without love, we wouldn’t feel and we wouldn’t suffer.

Love is a strong force that draws people together, drives people towards certain goals and leads them onto the path they should have been on all along. Love never stamps you into the ground. It does the opposite. It gives you its hand when you’re at your lowest point. It pulls you from the rubble and gives you a new lease of life. It’s what motivates people to be together and keeps them together for a lifetime.

Being a wedding photographer has put me in a privileged position to see, and capture, just how amazing love can be between two people. Every couple I photograph may be different but love is the same. It can be found in an expression, in a single glance, in a kiss, a smile, a way of standing, sitting and so on.

Weddings have taught me that love is never too small or too big. It’s just love. Pure and simple. Anything other than love is just an imitation. As Weiss once wrote – “Only Love is real.”

Love each other. Life really is too short for anything short of love.