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Beating the heat at your summer wedding in Gibraltar

Having your summer wedding in Gibraltar will feel like a dream come true, with exotic wildlife, delicious cuisine, your family and friends gathered around, not to mention the fantastic weather. However, you don’t want your guests to be baking in the Gibraltar sun where temperatures climb well into the thirties. So, here are a few tips on how to keep your guests cool on your big day.

Outdoor Vs indoor

When getting married in the summer, especially in Gibraltar, it’s important to think of the venue and how the heat will affect things. Do you go for an air-conditioned room or the extra amenities you’ll need for helping your guests keep cool outside? Sometimes though, the views are just too good to pass up. We can recommend some great indoor and outdoor venues for your Gibraltar wedding.


If you decide you do want a wedding ceremony outside, consider holding it where there are trees for shade. The Botanical Gardens package would be perfect as you’d be keeping your guests cool while also providing a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony and photos. If it’s to your taste, you could add a thinly veiled canvas to produce more shade without obstructing anyone’s view of the ceremony.

Staying hydrated

When your guests arrive at the ceremony, it could be a good idea to set up a beverage station where they can enjoy light, refreshing drinks to help keep them cool. Colourful drinks such as infused waters and fresh juices will not only quench people’s thirst but will also make eye-catching displays.

Stick to schedule

While you don’t want to rush your wedding ceremony, try not to go over schedule as some of your guests could be feeling the heat. Plan ahead and take into consideration any extra details that could add on time, as having photos taken, getting ready and travelling to the ceremony location will cause the time to go very quickly.

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